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BMS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED are a British based company specializing in the manufacture of advanced technology conveyor belt cleaning scraper systems.

Through BMS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, we can provide cutting edge technology scraping devices that give the ULTIMATE in belt cleaning systems. Their introduction can greatly improve on current scraping ability with a substantial increase in efficiency.
WORLDWIDE PRESENCE The BMS Manufacturing and Sales Limited range of belt cleaning products are recognized Worldwide for their technical excellence and engineering reliability. Now used in many countries the BMS range of scrapers and ancillary products provide the most effective system for cleaning belts today, and even tomorrow!
A Belt Cleaner that really cleans the belt!
The large expense of belt scrapers should result in clean belts and eliminate the mess of large amounts of carryback, unfortunately most don't. Eliminating carryback is easy and inexpensive to obtain. BMS now offer a scraper that "really works"- the BMS PROTECTOR®

Types of Belt Scrapers
Most belt scrapers are made of urethane because they are thought not to harm the belt. The Urethane is comparatively soft and will conform somewhat to the belt. There are two major problems with Urethane blades 1) they don't clean very well and 2) they have a very fast wear rate (especially on high - speed belts). The cost of replacement blades and manpower and the fact that carryback is still a problem and leaves most users dissatisfied and looking for something better. Metal bladed scrapers have been in use for over 20 years and a lot of people have had problems with earlier designs. The current designs have solved the problem of belt damage so that even the biggest Urethane scraper manufactures now offer metal bladed scrapers. Customers have found that metal blades clean better. There are three basic design types of metal bladed scrapers- "Paint Scraper" (edge facing oncoming belt), edge perpendicular to belt and edge facing away from the oncoming belt. The "Paint Scraper" design for conveyor belt cleaning works just like shaving with a razor or removing paint and wall paper.

Why BMS is the "World's Best"
Only two manufacturers in the world use the "Paint Scraper" design and the best of these is BMS Limited. The following picture shows a cutaway view of the BMS with the rubber torsion design. By angling the blade toward the oncoming belt, the BMS cleans the last 1/10 mm (0.004") from belts in good condition. A wet belt will be dry after the BMS scraper! The BMS design requires about 1/10 less force on the belt as the other designs. This results in longer blade and belt life. The BMS blade tension design will deflect from oncoming obstacles like a metal belt clips and is also safe with reversing conveyors or conveyers with rollback (see picture above). The BMS blade will provide its initial cleaning efficiency until it is completely worn out. The other designs clean well for only about the first 4-6 weeks then loss their efficiency. The picture below shows how the blade erodes and how material is forced between the blade and belt. Increasing tension will do no good.
  • BMS is proven on applications up to 1,400 ft/min (7 m/s).
  • A Primary Scraper is seldom needed when using a BMS. PROTECTOR®. Over 95% of BMS scrapers are used without primary scrapers. Only in applications where large amounts of "sticky" material would "overpower" the BMS might a primary blade be required.
  • Several grades of Tungsten Carbide are available for excellent blade life with all types of materials. Typically, a TC blade will last around 12 months, if used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Acid Resistant design is available.
  • Installation and setup are quick and easy.

The BMS scraper simply does the best job of cleaning the belt- isn't that why people buy belt scrapers?
The exploded view above shows a BMS PROTECTOR® assembly. The blade and carrier are the same for all sizes of scrapers. Replacement blades are also the same for all sizes so inventory problems are reduced.

A typical installation is shown in the picture to the left. The BMS PRO-TECTOR® is normally mounted about 4" (100 mm) behind the head pulley. This places it in a position where the belt is flat, but vibrations from the head pulley will not effect it.

The BMS Scraper was designed and manufactured with a sturdy and robust construction that is able to operate effectively in the most demanding of operating environments.

The BMS sprung blade scrapers offers the following special features:
  • Effective cleaning efficiency
  • Low operating costs
  • Optimum belt protection
  • Self adjusting
  • Minimal installation and maintenance
  • Extremely long operating life
  • Highly abrasion-resistant blades for all types of materials being conveyed
  • Suitable for all belt widths and speeds
  • Excellent durability
  • Compact - low space requirements
  • Reversing operation
Because the leading edge of the blade is directly above the fulcrum point, this allows the blade to deflect on a radius from the centre of the torsion unit in the direction the belt is traveling, therefore allowing the blade to let the obstruction pass without damaging the belt fastener.
The BMS Scraper design eliminates the inherent design problems of other scrapers by inclining the blade in the direction of belt travel. Blades will wear at the angle at which they approach the belt. Because of it's unique design, the BMS scraper blade retains it's profile throughout it's working life. This results in a highly efficient system capable of removing the last 1/10th of a mm of residual film from the belt surface.

  • Effectively removes on-coming material
  • No material build-up
  • On-coming material is deflected away
  • No increase in material mass
  • No deterioration of blade edge
  • No entrailment angle
  • No oscillation of the blade which reduces the risk of damage
The torsion holder assembly of the BMS scraper assures a clean belt surface on the return side, and cuts down on costly material wastage, clean up costs and down time. BMS scrapers are suitable for all use in all areas of carry back spillage and embody the highest quality components.

Supplied in pre-assembled form, BMS scrapers are fixed to the conveyor structure with only 4 mounting bolts. Easily understood installation and operating instructions ensure a minimum down time - the essence of cost effective engineering. The BMS scraper is backed up by a team of expert technicians who are available at all times.

Since the BMS design requires low blade pressure on the belt surface, blade life is considerably prolonged. A variety of blade types to sit customer requirements, together with H.D.P.E. deflector skirts are standard. The low sprung - weight and stability of the blade and torsion holder assembly allows for continuous scraping contact as the blades track the moving belt.

The BMS cleaning action peels away the carry back material and deflects it into the main flow stream using a low scraping pressure. Less pressure - longer belt life.
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