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Hagglunds Drives is the worlds leading manufacturer of heavy-duty hydraulic drive systems. It is large concern engaged in hi-technology on global scale.

If what you need is low speed, and a high torque durable drive system that will work under the toughest conditions with a minimum of maintenance, then Hagglunds Drives have the equipment for you.

Hagglunds Drives develop, manufacture, market and sell complete drive-systems and components of the highest quality based upon our unique hydraulic piston motors. We can provide you with a perfectly matched drive system to suit your needs, including piping, installation and commissioning. Our products are designed to give direct drive to many applications, eliminating the need of gearboxes. You achieve benefits of simplicity, saving space, improved control, reduced costs and gain high reliability with low maintenance in almost any environment, with drive torques up to 1 400 000 Nm from a single motor (MB 4000 illustrated below). Our industrial and marine customers are to be found all over the world. They know that when they need a solution they can depend on, they have a partner they can trust.

Marathon MB 4000

Reliable operation with hydraulic drives

Hagglunds focus both on reliability and performance.
Our customized drive solutions are ideally suited for demanding applications such as Feeders and Bucket Wheel Reclaimers. There are many beneficial features that users of our drive systems find valuable for improving productivity.
Most important is that our reliable heavy-duty drives are more than capable of dealing with everything that might occur during an ordinary heavy-duty workday.

Ensures start up in any load condition
Whenever you need a robust feeder drive with variable speed that has to start up in any load condition, our direct drive is the right solution. Hagglunds hydraulic motors have the ability to provide full starting torque without time restriction. The motor is mounted directly onto the feeder shaft without any gearbox or flexible coupling. No bedplates or special alignments are needed.

Direct drives with low speed high torque capacity
Our reliable drive systems make it possible to avoid undesirable stalls of the feeder, since the hydraulic drive is able to develop continuous overload torque without time restrictions. And, there are many other beneficial features users of our drive systems have found attractive and profitable.

Hagglunds low weight drives have a low moment of inertia, which is of great importance for applications such as Bucket Wheel Reclaimers.

Directly mounted on machine drive shafts, our tough, light weight motors respond rapidly and smoothly to changes in demands for speed and torque.

Hagglunds Drives systems are also widely used in many other industries including:- Sugar, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Marine, Dredging, Materials Handling and Rubber & Plastics. .

Infinitely variable speed
Variable speed capacity can improve your productivity significantly. Our drive systems offer precise control so that you will be able to adjust the speed infinitely to exactly suit the optimum requirements, all the way from crawl to full speed.

Unlimited numbers of starts/stops and reversals
The power unit prime mover is an electric motor which runs at constant speed, driving the hydraulic pump efficiently. The directly mounted hydraulic motor responds to flow from the pump which is controlled by the demand signal. There is no requirement to start/stop the electric motor, only to zero the signal to the pump. This means that an infinite number of starts/stops and even reversals are available.

Maximum torque at zero speed without time restriction
When a feeder is required to start from a full load condition, the situation can occur where the break away torque requirement persists due to the machine and material stiction. This is usually overcome at start up, but can persist in a low speed condition. Hagglunds hydraulic drives can handle this situation because they are able provide full shaft torque without time restriction which means that undesirable stalls of the feeder will be avoided.

Insensitive to shock loads
A low-speed drive from us, fitted directly on the machine shaft, provides inherent overload protection. There are no high-speed elements in the drive unit such as gearboxes or clutches to increase the system moment of inertia. The hydraulic drive system controls the torque within very close tolerances, which protects the whole machine against damage.

These features offer the user the possibility to match the feeder control with the other plant process control requirements to optimize the whole plant.

Hagglunds motors are easily mounted directly to the driven shaft and offer high performance with low maintenance cost.

The low speed high torque capacity ensures the motor can develop the required torque throughout the entire speed range, which adds flexibility and improves product quality.

Kiln drives with very high starting torque

A cement kiln must always be able to start up in any load condition. The required starting torque is in many cases much higher than the average operating torque. Hagglunds hydraulic drive solutions have many features important for the cement industry.

Our hydraulic direct drive has proven to be an excellent drive solution for cement kilns. The drive gives a very high starting torque without the need for high installed electrical power. The motor(s) are installed directly to the driven pinion or roller shaft without any gearbox, flexible coupling or bedplates.

Direct hydraulic drive solutions for kilns

The nature of cement kilns
particularly the size, capacity and the difficult operating conditions together with increasing production demands makes the need for reliable equipment paramount. Hagglunds customized solutions provide drives which are perfectly suited to this application. Reliability, high starting torque and excellent control to eliminate high stresses and strains on the kiln. With our powerful high quality drive products it is possible to optimize and improve performance and productivity.

Start up in any load

Hagglunds reliable heavy-duty equipment
for cement applications gives lots of advantages for you as our customer. Below you can read more about some of the features you will get by using our drive systems.

Power sharing
The features
of our hydraulic drives, when more than one motor is installed ensures that they always share the common load as part of a common system. The power is always equally shared within the system, when multiple drive units are used.

Starting torque capacity
Our drives have the ability
to provide full shaft torque without time restriction. High starting torque's and overload torque's can be designed into the system without over sizing the installed electrical power. This is due to the precise control of the drive system, allowing a slow starting speed and controlled ramping up to running speed.

Low speeds high torque capacity
The motor is mounted directly
onto the pinion drive shaft. As there are no high speed elements which need reducing in speed, the hydraulic motor can develop its exceptionally high torque from zero speed and indeed maintain full shaft torque, from stall to full speed condition.

Our drive systems utilize
standard components. The hydraulic motors are easily mounted without the need for extensive or elaborate foundations. The power unit is a stand-alone unit that can be positioned in any convenient place.

This power sharing characteristic eliminates any problems with oscillations, sometimes experienced when trying to balance Electro-mechanical drives.

The low speed high torque capacity ensures the motor can develop the required torque throughout the entire speed range, which adds flexibility and improves product quality.

Hagglunds motors are easily mounted directly to the driven shaft and offer high performance with low maintenance cost.

Improved performance in the rubber industry

The features of Hagglunds high torque drive systems make them ideally suited for applications such as Roll Mills, Internal Mixers, Calenders, Twin Screw Sheeters, Extruders etc.

A 84" roll mill with 2 x Marathon MB 283 motors and a PEC power unit with 2 x 132 kW.

Improved productivity by using hydraulics
Our hydraulic drive solutions
are successfully being used in Rubber applications today. Below you can read about some of the areas where our reliable direct drives offer specific features and improved productivity.

No need for gear reducers or foundations.

Hydraulic direct drives
are the competitive alternative to the traditional electromechanical drives. Hydraulic gear-less drives are particularly applicable when shock loads occur frequently and availability of a high torque throughout the whole speed range is needed.

Our drives utilize standard components and the motors are easy to install on the driven shaft, with no need for gear reducers or foundations. The power unit can be placed beside or outside the machine area to give the best space utilisation.

The rollers rotate at different speed

Pre-kneaded crude rubber and plastics are homogenized, mixed, broken down, pre-heated and rolled out in roll mills. The mixing effect is achieved by friction in the mixing roll gap. For this, the rollers must rotate at different speeds.

Different materials call for different friction ratio. The H„gglunds direct drive motors are torque arm-mounted directly on to each roll shaft, eliminating all gears and gearboxes. This enables the rotational speed of each roll shaft to be varied, so that the friction ratio for different materials makes it possible to run the material on to the desired roll.

The benefits of using hydraulics

1. Starting torque capacity
The Hagglunds hydraulic drive has the ability to provide full shaft torque without time restriction. This is an important feature in roll mill applications, for example, when the roll mill is required to start with a full batch condition. The ability of the hydraulic drive to use the overload torque without limitation means undesirable stops of the roll mill are avoided and this is particularly an advantage on drop mills.

2. Low speed high torque capacity
The hydraulic motors are mounted directly onto the two roll drive shafts, either one on each side or both on the same side of the machine. There is no need for bedplates, couplings or gear reducers between the motor and the driven shaft. The hydraulic motor can develop its exceptionally high torque from zero speed with no time restriction and this allows exceptionally good performance in the whole speed range.

3. Variable speed
The variable displacement pump delivers fluid to the drive motor on receipt of a command signal. The command signal comes from an electric control and facilitates fully variable speed control of the rolls in both forward and reverse directions.

4. Variable friction
In roll mills, the hydraulic motors are directly mounted on the roll shafts, either on one side of the machine, or one on each side of the machine. The directly mounted motors, one for each drive shaft, give a nearly infinite friction ratio that can be specifically selected to suit a particular compound during the mixing time. This feature offers flexibility and tremendous benefits in certain operating conditions; for example, the variable speed capability combined with the variable friction ratio can be used to achieve an output speed which the batch off system can take.

5. Start/stop frequency
The power unit's prime mover is a standard AC induction motor, which runs at synchronous speed driving the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic motor mounted on the roll shaft turns only when the pump receives the demand signal and flow is generated. Therefore there is no requirement to start or stop the electric motor, only to zero the signal to the pump. This important feature means that the high current and the associated effects when starting electric motors are negated and an infinite number of starts and stops or even reversals are possible.

6. Emergency stops
The emergency stop system is a significant feature of the direct drive solution. A hydraulic direct drive has approximately 1/500th of the inertia of an equivalent high-speed drive with gear reducer. This feature is significant when considering the use of a fast emergency stop systems, and eliminates the longer stopping times associated with high inertia gear box's.

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