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A Name and a Concept

MMD are designers and manufacturers of material processing equipment used in many types of surface and underground mining and quarrying operations the world over. In particular, the company has extended the technology of mineral size reduction by the development of low profile, high capacity, compact sizing machines.
MMD'S philosophy is summarized in seven words; Precision, performance, progress, price, partnership, persistence, and position.

In design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Precision in sizing output is made possible by the unique sizing action and tooth configurations.

The project management and quality control systems of MMD Mining Machinery Development Limited have been assessed and approved by Llyolds quality Assurance Limited to the highest Quality Assurance standards.

Of both the company and its products are the cornerstones of MMD's success. The performance of the MMD Twin Shaft MINERAL SIZER TM, with its ability to process wet sticky material or hard dry rock or a combination of both through the same machine, has proved to be the ideal sizing solution on numerous materials. Machines are available capable of handling sizes up to 3 metres cubed, with capacities in excess of 10,000 TPH. This is supported by a company totally committed to providing its customers with the highest quality in services and standards, where at all times their interests are at the forefront of out considerations and decision making.

Both in terms of product and market development and the utilization of the latest technologies.
The initial design parameters were that the machine must be capable of very high production rates within compact dimensions and requiring minimum power and maintenance cost. The unique action of the MMD SIZERTM, enable the development of a low profile, high capacity and balanced machine. It is ideally suited to mobile and semi mobile applications and in static installations significant savings can be achieved due to the compact dimensions.

The range of MMD MINERAL SIZERSTM, has progressed from a 500 series, whilst the range of materials being processed has progressed through overburden, coal, coke, clay, gypsum, limestone, clinker, kimberlite, metallurgic ore sand and oil sands. Also progress into industries such as cement, ceramic, construction, diamond, energy, industrial minerals and precious metals.

Progress through investment in people and technology. At all levels employees are encouraged to develop their capabilities to benefit themselves and their company. The introduction of new technology into the work place has seen word processors, spread sheets, data bases, CAD drawing and 3D computer software design facilities assisting the experience of designers and engineers.

Is kept to a minimum due to the compact design to accurately size large tonnage. Components are source from sub - contractors ranging in size from small independent companies specializing in their particular field, but in all cases quality and price are paramount.

With our customers in finding solutions to shared problems. At MMD we care for our customers and over the years have created a very special relationship with many of them resulting in long lasting and mutually rewarding undertaking on numerous projects. partnership with universities and leading computer and software houses to remain at the cutting edge of technology. Partnership with suppliers, by utilizing the resources and expertise of the world specialists, to the needs of both MMD and its customers in order to offer the best equipment and service possible.

Has taken MMD from its modest beginning to being arguably the world leader in mineral sizing technology, identifying and finding solutions to problems, in the continues improvement and development of both existing and new products, as identified by the changing scene the mining operations of our customers.

Geographically, the group of MMD companies is strategically located throughout the world in order to serve the international mining scene and offer quick response to your mineral sizing needs.

Initially developed for underground applications, the MMD Twin Shaft Mineral Sizer had to be capable of processing high volumes of material in a compact and reliable design. These parameters are also a great advantage in any plant design but produce the highest returns when used for Mobile or Semi-Mobile installations. The fact that the breaking forces are all contained within the framework of the machine is also a great advantage from the construction standpoint, allowing a simple support structure even in a static application.

Unique Principles of Sizer Technology
The unique principles of SIZER TECHNOLOGY are incorporated in the MMD SIZER. Whilst the application of these principles produces a simple, robust and compact machine; the breaking action is very complex. The basic concept of the Sizer is the use of two rotors with large teeth on small diameter shafts driven at low speed by a direct high torque drive system. This design produces the three major principles which all interact with each other when breaking materials using SIZER TECHNOLOGY.

The three unique principles are:
1. The Three-Stage Breaking Action.
2. The Rotating Screen Effect.
3. The Deep Scroll Tooth Pattern.

1. The Three-Stage Breaking Action.
1.1 The First Stage of Breaking.

This takes place as the large rotor teeth grip the material as it falls on to the shafts. These teeth subject the rock to multiple point loading, which induces stress into the lump causing any natural weakness present in the material to be exploited.

1.2 The Second Stage of Breaking.

The secondary breaking, takes place close to the centre line of the rotor, where the three point loading created between the top face of the tooth on one rotor and the top of the two opposing teeth on the other rotor, induces tensile stress in the rock. As the tensile strength of most materials is approximately 10% of the compressive strength, it reduces the amount of power consumed at this stage.

1.3 The Third Stage of Breaking.

Fitting a breaker bar below the centre line of the rotors allows any over size lumps carried by the scroll through the rotors to be broken, again exploiting the weaker tensile strength of the material. The breaker bar, which forms a comb through which the rotor teeth have to pass, can be adjusted up or down to modify the product size.

2. The Rotating Screen Effect.

The interlaced toothed rotor design allows free flowing undersize material to pass through the continuously changing gaps generated by the relatively slow moving shafts. Undersize material fed to the Sizer or produced during the first and second stages of breaking flow through the rotors with the assistance of gravity and the constant agitation caused by the rotating shafts. If the machine is fed from one end, this feature gives the added benefit that the smaller material is deposited on the belt first followed by the larger material forming a sealing layer above the dust giving environmental benefits on conveyor systems.

3. The Deep Scroll Tooth Pattern.

The deep scroll conveys the larger material to one end of the machine and helps to spread the feed across the full length of the rotors. This feature can be used to reject oversize material from the machine.
There are obviously other contributing effects in the breaking and passing of material through the Sizer, which have yet to be quantified, and most of the development work is done in the field by carefully selecting opportunities which widen the range of materials that are handled by MMD SIZERS. This program of application-based development has driven the rapid advance of Sizer Technology and produced a wide variation of proven designs which can be applied to future projects. This practical approach is complemented by sponsored university study and the application of the latest computer technology in design and analysis of the forces that the equipment has to withstand.
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