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A suitable MMD Twin Shaft SIZER can be used in conjunction with a matching MMD Heavy Duty Apron Plate Feeder to form a completely self contained SIZER Station. The key to the new design stems from large, self contained all welded modules being bolted together rather than to a central frame, thus reducing transport and shipping costs as each module is within normal road transport regulations.
The MMD SIZER Station can be loaded using either a conventional hopper or the well proven MMD Natural Ground Hopper by adding or removing modules. To cater for today's variety of modern mining methods, the Modular SIZER Station can be constructed as a static, semi-mobile or fully mobile unit and it is possible to convert from static to fully mobile by fitting extra modules to the existing structure. An independent crawler unit can also be supplied which can transport a semi-mobile system, thus allowing one crawler unit to move a number of SIZER Stations.
The design of the fully mobile unit allows the tracks to be lifted clear of the ground during operation ensuring all forces created are absorbed by the ground, allowing the tracks to be serviced and rotated at regular intervals. Another unique feature is a hydraulically controlled facility, which enables an operator to open a door to allow oversize lumps to be rejected. Whether your requirement is Static, Semi-Mobile or Fully mobile, MMD can design a Modular SIZER Station to suit your specific requirements.

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